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  This Website is operated by UMG ABS, Ltd ("UMG ABS") . The principle aim of this Website("site")  is to provide users of this Website (“Users”) with information about UMG ABS, including news and articles related to UMG ABS.  Please read these terms carefully before using this site.  By using content published on this site or downloading data, reference materials, etc. from this site, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions of Use as well as to our Privacy Policy. If you do not agree, you may not use this site or download any of the materials provided in this site.

1. Disclaimer

  1. While UMG ABS will take utmost care to ensure the accuracy of the information published on this site, the materials contained herein may contain inaccuracies and typographical errors.
  2. The information published on this site is based on proprietary and other information possessed by UMG ABS and is produced and provided upon the liability and responsibility of UMG ABS. While UMG ABS strives to update the content as necessary, UMG ABS cannot guarantee that the information contained herein is necessarily the most up-to-date information.
  3. The content of the information provided on this site may be changed or deleted as necessary without notice.
  4. The provision of information by this site may be interrupted or cancelled as necessary without notice.
  5. All external sites linked to this site have been linked with consent. However, external links are operated by their respective companies and UMG ABS is not liable for neither the content of such linked sites nor any damages arising from the use of such external sites.
  6. Users of this site shall use this site based on their own responsibility and discretion. UMG ABS shall not be liable for any accidents, disbenefits, etc. arising from the use of this site.

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2. Copyrights

  1. Unless otherwise noted, the copyright of materials (information, images, photos, etc.) published on this site belongs to UMG ABS.
  2. Users may reproduce or download the content of this site only in the case that the reproduction or downloading is for non-commercial use and that any such items will be used only for personal purposes as stipulated by law.
  3. The trademarks of UMG ABS products appearing in this site belong to UMG ABS.
  4. Regarding trademarks, software, etc. that are the property of third parties, you must adhere to the respective terms and conditions of use or the licensing conditions specified by the owner of the trademark, copyright, or other rights.

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3. Prohibitions

  1. The unauthorized reprinting or use of articles, information, charts and figures, numeric figures and other items published on this site
  2. Modifications, changes or deletions of articles, information, charts and figures, numeric figures and other items published on this site
  3. Actions that lead to the provision of harmful computer programs such as computer viruses
  4. Actions that may possibly or will bring about disbenefits or damage to UMG ABS
  5. False registrations or applications, such as through the registration of the e-mail addresses of those other than self
  6. Actions that are against or are possibly against public order and morality
  7. Criminal acts or those acts which lead or may possibly lead to criminal acts
  8. Acts that violate laws and ordinances or those that may possibly lead to such violations
  9. Any other acts which UMG ABS considers to be inappropriate

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4. External Links to This Site

 If you would like to link a website to this site, send an e-mail to UMG ABS ( ) containing the information listed below. A response will be sent to you from the person in charge as to whether permission is granted or not to establish the link.

    ・ The URL of the website where you want to set up the link
    ・ The URL of the page on this Website to which you want to set up the link
    ・ The purpose of the link
    ・ Contact information (Name of person in charge, address, telephone number and e-mail address)

 You may not establish a link to this site if your website falls under any of the following:

    ・ A website with content that defames or damages the honor or credibility of UMG ABS or its products
    ・ A website with content that goes against public order and morality
    ・ A website with illegal content or one related to illegal actions
    ・ A website with content that is of a pornographic nature
     UMG ABS reserves the right to deny the establishment of links to its Website from websites that it deems inappropriate.

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5. Other

  Information other than that published on this site is necessary for the proper use of UMG ABS products. Users of UMG ABS products should also take note of other information such as those concerning various government regulations that are related to products. Care should also be taken toward industrial property rights, etc. For the aforementioned purposes as well as for quality and safety reasons, UMG ABS provides detailed catalogues and technical manuals, etc. that will enable you to consider the products and technology shown on this Website. Please request such materials from our sales department at the following.

* These Terms and Conditions of Use will be revised as seen necessary. We recommend that you confirm it periodically.

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