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Molding Defects

Silver Streaks (Degradation)

Silver streaking from the center gate

  • Thin, long sparkler-type pattern.
  • Occurs over the complete molding immediately after passage through the gates

If bubbles are formed
during blank purging
If bubbles are not formed
during blank purging
  • Faulty heater band
    (i.e., localized heating by the nozzle heater)
  • Excessively high nozzle temperature, cylinder temperature, injection speed, or screw speed
  • In-cylinder retention
  • Poor nozzle contact
  • Too few sprues, runners, and gates
  • Bad gate positioning
  • Retention inside hot runners
  • Heater band repair
  • Optimization of the balance between molding machine capacity and molded component capacit
  • Optimization of the nozzle temperature, cylinder temperature, injection speed,or screw speed
  • Examination of nozzle contact
  • Repair of sprues, runners, and gates
  • Correction of gate positions
  • Review of hot-runner temperature setting and injection speed

Please see our grade-specific molding condition sheet.

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